Clarissa begins preliminary sketch of her next Chilkat robe entitled “Egyptian Thunderbird” – © Clarissa Rizal – March 2015

I have started weaving my next Chilkat robe for the Thunderbird Clan.  This is all I am saying for now.  Stay tuned for periodic blog entries on this robe for this next year…!


Approximately 750 yards of 10 e.p.i. warp is needed for this Chilkat robe measuring 60″ w x 51″h – all warp prepared and spun by Clarissa Rizal


Clarissa’s weaving loom, balls of warp, weft yarns, warp stick and weaving supplies – April 11, 2015


The first 6 to 7 rows of a Chilkat robe are always done in white; this depth is to accommodate the fluffiness of the fur trim added to the top edge of a Chilkat robe. – Clarissa Rizal – April 2015