Haa Shagoon

The new guy on the block: Haa Shagoon Gallery features local Northwest Coast arts and crafts

Haa Shagoon Gallery recently opened it’s doors on May 1st this year featuring mainly Northwest Coast art from locals as well as anywhere else along Southeast Alaska and West Coast Canada, though one can find antique woven grass baskets, carved ivory and baleen from Alaska’s far north.  Owner Don Morgan says he has sold twice as much artwork since the first two weeks than he did in two months at his other location in the Senate Building just a couple of doors down from his new location!

Owner Don Morgan of the Haa Shagoon Gallery

Owner Don Morgan of the Haa Shagoon Gallery

Haa Shagoon is a Tlingit phrase meaning “Our Land.”  Haa Shagoon features artwork from about 20 Alaska Native artists including Jnu Didrickson, Boyd Didrickson, Debra O’Gara, Kay Parker, Ray Peck, Brian Chilton, Irene Jean Lampe, Lily Hope and Clarissa Rizal, to name a few.  Items available for sale include carvings of totem poles, plaques and masks, Ravenstail robes, aprons, headbands, limited edition silkscreened and Giclee prints, silver, copper and gold jewelry, pottery, etc.

Haa Shagoon Gallery

Everybody’s talking: Artists Jnu Didrickson, Israel & Sue Shotridge, Don Morgan

Generally every day, Haa Shagoon features an on-site artist demonstrating their work; sometimes there are two or three artists, yet always at least one,  Most of the artists are locals who live in Juneau, but on occasion Haa Shagoon may feature an out-of-town guest artist spontaneously dropping in and demonstrating for the day!  Jnu Didrickson is a regular demonstrator working in carved wooden masks and silver jewelry.

Haa Shagoon Gallery

Haa Shagoon Gallery is sandwiched between El Sombrero Restaraunt and the Alaskan Hotel on South Franklin Street, Juneau, Alaska

On special occasion Chilkat or Ravenstail weavers may get the notion to demonstrate the weaving technique, just so we can “get out of the house!”

Lily Hope, Clarissa Rizal and Irene Jean Lampe

A Chilkat weaving demonstration took place on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, May 24th with (L-R) Lily Hope, Clarissa Rizal and Irene Jean Lampe

I have approximately $60K worth of inventory featured at the Haa Shagoon Gallery; they carry the most work I’ve every had in any gallery at one given time in the past 15 years.  They feature a variety of my work created in the past 3 years including, 5-piece woven ensemble “Chilkat Child”, the “Egyptian Thunderbird” button blanket, the 6-foot “Totemic Theories” charcoal on canvas, “An Ocean Runs Through Us” limited edition Giclee triptyck,  and a wide selection of limited edition Giclee prints.


Front entry of Haa Shagoon Gallery

Haa Shagoon does a 70/30 commission; when an item sells, the artist receives 70%, Haa Shagoon receives 30%.  Most galleries do a 50/50 split.  Contact Don Morgan if you are an artist interested in Haa Shagoon carrying your work, please give Don Morgan a call on his cell at:  907-209-1501