Grand-daughter Amelie helps her grandmother Rissy Rizal count how many balls of warp prepared for starting the next Chilkat robe – April 2015

“The Weaving Space” is the 7th post of a series of blog entries called “Clarissa’s Studio” – shots of her work/living space that I began sharing in April this year because the general public is always curious to visit artist studios and because I live and work part of the year in the boondocks of Colorado, nobody comes to visit me.  So…blogging about my studio is as pretty close as most of you will ever get to see my work space!   You may see the other posts under the category called “Tools of the Trade.”  There is a total of 9 in this series.


Clarissa's space for Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving

Clarissa’s space for Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving sandwiched between the sewing area and the great white table

And yes, the space is really this cozy all the time,…AND, I am organized and neat.  I have to be, else I’d be distracted with messes that would keep me from accomplishing my goals.  My motto:  “Gotta getterdun!”


The borders are started on Clarissa’s next Chilkat weaving, a dance robe combining concepts from Egypt and of course, the Tlingit people of the Northwest Coast – April 2015