Retired Juneau police officer Ben Coronell allows Grandma Suzi to sit on his lap, while his wife Penny laughs along with everyone else

Sharon Shorty is Grandma Suzi and her comedian partner is Duane Gastant’ Aucoin as Cache Creek Charlie.  They both live in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.  These photos were taken during the last feast during the 3-day “HaaKusTeYea” Celebration at the Teslin Cultural Center.  Generally, I write a dialogue to accompany the photographs in my blog posts.  In this case, I just let the photographs speak for themselves.  All I can say is that not only were the comedians totally outlandish, and I laughed hard till I cried, I totally enjoyed watching the “victims” laugh like had never seen them laugh!  Grandma Suzi and Cache Creek Charlie are excellent medicine.  If they ever come to your neck of the woods or you go to theirs, catch them!


It was a good feeling to see our Tsimpshian carver David Boxley, Sr. laugh as hard as he did — and we laughed to will cried…!


Alias Duane Gastant’ Aucoin and Sharon Shorty from Whitehorse, Yukon are Charlie and Suzi


David dances the “grouse mating dance” while Grandma Suzi can’t contain herself…!


The “grouse” chases after his chosen “mate.”


the audience laughed as long and as hard as they…!


Creek Charlie pulled fashion designer Dorothy Grant up from her chair and made her get on her back like a rag doll and exclaimed “I am wearing Dorothy Grant…” (as opposed to “I am wearing A Dorthy Grant!”