Palette Box

Student Carol Baker’s custom-made palette box hook directly onto the tripod as shown made by Coulter 

I am always fascinated by an artist’s equipment, in no matter what the medium the artist works.  Every one of us in this painting class had a different method to their madness.  Before Dominik’s class officially began, I ran around looking at the different types of palette boxes the various students had; there were two that were quite innovative.


Custom-made paint brush holder made of PVC pipe hooks onto the tripod for easy access


From a compact unit, this Palette Box folds out exposing the glass plate palette in the center, drawer for paints and brushes to the left, counter and brush stand holder to the right, and easel on the “lid” — within the easel is a built-in box that can hold approximately 5 to 7 canvas boards


Here’s the paint brush holder


name of the company who creates custom-made the palette box of these last few photos