Heading north to Telluride, Colorado

Towards Telluride


A woman as you were not born of man’s legendary rib

Nor from any salt of this earth


A cosmic slipstream bore your name and called you forth way before

The first sun melted mist from the birth of a new island


You walked barefoot amongst the thorns in the wounded wood

Even honoring all those who fell


You and innocence were one with the pines and the willow

And mountains and rooftops could hear you whisper


Even so you planted seeds in protected soil sprouting rainbows

That arched their backs to reflect all divine light rooted in love


Even so child-like laughter blossomed forever in the sound of your name

Above yellow above green above blue above purple


Curtains could keep us separated from a woman like you

Though you moved between the lines with grace, respect and honor


Curtains gathered aside you made pillars of them flexible in the wind

Defining the space of what is and what isn’t


Where are we to come now where are we to go as you have flown higher

Leaving hearts broken but not broken worn but not worn


Where you come from to where you go we will follow in our due time

Upon that cosmic slipstream bearing your name our names forever named


—Clarissa R.  in honor of Danielle C.