A very similar version of the original robe of the same name minus the #2 of “Northwest By Southwest II” button robe, recently completed by Clarissa Rizal

This is a photo of the original buttonrobe entitled “Northwest by Southwest” made in 1999.  This is my most favorite button robe I’ve ever designed and made.  This past summer, my son-in-law gave me some of the same background fabric that he found while searching for blankets on eBay.   This same fabric I bought nearly 30 years ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico,  so I was absolutely thrilled to have enough to make a second “NW x SW” button robe, hence the name “NW x SW II…!”

Clarissa irons "NW x SW II" button robe with her brand new "Rowenta" Steamer Iron

Catch a close-up of the fabric detail as Clarissa irons “NW x SW II” button robe with her brand new “Rowenta” Steamer Iron

If you are interested in purchasing this robe, just give me a holler!  I will have this robe available for sale at the Clan Conference in Juneau next weekend, October 28-November 1st.  If a happy buyer does not snatch it up during the conference, I will have it available for viewing and sale at the Haa Shagoon Gallery in Juneau.  Remember:  Christmas is coming!