The beginning of a White Christmas


She places white teacups into incubation

For two


Good omen: A single raven flies over the house towards me as I snap this shot

22 years I have lived and worked in this home away from home.   The U-Haul is packed.  Getting the last remnants of possessions tucked into the cabby.  Cleaning up the studio that will be used by my daughter and her husband.  I leave this studio with no intentions of ever living here again.  I go to Tulsa for at least a year to live and work being totally supported by the Tulsa Artist Residency program.  Like awesome Alaska, it is not easy to leave beautiful Colorado.  The hardest part is leaving behind my young grand-daughters and my kids.


Clarissa’s favorite trellised walkway


Clarissa’s Winter Wonderland


Clarissa’s Colorado Studio out back has served her well especially for the past 4.5 years