The U-Haul was packed by a team of movers under the guidance of musician Eric Wade (the tall one)…

It’s not a rumor; I am moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a “job” for the entire year of 2016.   Selected as 1 of 12 inaugural artists from across the nation, the newly-formed Tulsa Artist Residency provides me a one-bedroom apartment which also serves as my studio and TAR provides me a monthly stipend that pretty much pays all my personal bills.  I call TAR my modern-day “sugar daddy” — total support while I do my art and living my life!


With a landmark like this, know we’re in Texas !

Yes, I actually hired movers to pack my U-Haul for me; this is the very first time I’ve ever hired help to do the heavy lifting.  All the times I have moved across this continent and have never thought of hiring out.  Being too old to move heavy objects is what got my mind to think properly:  hire someone else to do the heavy work!


The contractors did not have the elevator completely installed yet, so the movers hauled everything up two flights of stairs…!

These three guys at “Two Guys and a Truck” were my movers.  Very professional, efficient and cordial; check them out on Facebook!  Left to Right:  Jacob, Jerry, and Cory…


“Two Guys & A Truck” Moving Company — The owner Jerry (Center) with his two guys Jacob (L) and Cory (R) — For a tip, I gave them each one of my prints of their choosing…!

I’ve officially landed in Tulsa!


“Two Men and a Truck” — Tulsa, Oklahoma—The three guys took 3.5 hours to unload…!