Louise Dangeli weaves Chilkat -- 1991

Louise Dangeli weaves Chilkat — 1991

Every late night

He would take himself down

off the cross

tucking the nails neatly

into the chambers of creation

breathing in the earth

through His feet

a tender smile

accentuated His grace

as He touched what She touched

as He saw what She saw

as He heard what She prayed each day

for the love and safety and peace

for Her family, friends and all She knew

near and far

He answered with His blessing

and presence

by dawn He would climb back up

to His position

though with a lighter heart

knowing fully well Her world

They created

was good

Louise Dangeli “walked into the woods” on Valentine’s Day.  She was one of my very first Chilkat weaving students 25 years ago in 1991, with her daughter Arlene and Carol McCormick (grand-daughter of the McCormick herbs/spices).   She was one of the most outspoken women I have met who did so with soft-spoken, firm grace, so when I found out that one of her clan emblems is the Beaver, that said everything.  I have noticed that grace is a trait of those born in the Beaver clan.  We will miss you, Louise, though many of us are learning your grace.