The older Chilkat apron, most likely started by Doris Kyber-Gruber in the early 70s is held in front of the new Chilkat apron started by Doris’ friend, Dodie Gannet in the late 80s — The folks have finished the newer apron! They are (LtoR): Sally Ishikawa, Jodi Zimmerman, Margaret Jeppesen, Margaret Woods, Stephany Anderson and their consultant Ravenstail weaver extraordinaire, John Beard — December 2014

The “Apron Apprentices” (as they call themselves) have completed the Chilkat apron!  Congratulations!  The dedication is commendable!  Here is a video clip showing the removal-of-the-apron-from-the-loom today by Ann Carlson –

Here’s an earlier blog post from December 2014 when I helped guide these weavers with a few more tricks of the trade in Chilkat weaving and this post also provides a story about how this apron came into the hands of these fiber artists/weavers in Oregon:

Thank you to Deana Dartt, Curator of Native American art at the Portland Art Museum for providing financial support in helping these weavers to complete this apron.  The apron will become part of their permanent collection, which is befitting because of the lineage of Chilkat weavings that PAM has in its collection.  We believe that there is no other institution that has the lineage of teacher/student/teacher/student, etc. as the following:

*  Chilkat robe woven by Jennie Thlunaut’s auntie who taught Jennie how to weave

*  Chilkat tunic woven by Jennie

*  Chilkat robe woven by Clarissa, apprentice to Jennie

*  Chilkat aprons:  the older unfinished one woven by Doris (a student of Jennie’s in the late 60s/early 70s); the most recently completed apron started by Doris’ friend Dodie Gannett (who was learning from Doris), eventually completed 30 years later by the “Apron Apprentices.”

*  Commissioned Chilkat robe woven by Lily Hope, apprentice to Clarissa — this robe will be completed by January 2017